A message from the organizers



Welcome to the Sixth International Symposium on Aquatic Animal Health website.  We are delighted to share the contents of this symposium for your research and educational purposes! 


Every four years, the American Fisheries Society – Fish Health Section (AFS-FHS) enlarges its annual meeting by inviting international participation, in the form of the International Symposium.  This year we has over 300 participants, representing 24 nations - the most geographically diverse attendance at any of the Symposia.  We recognize that many of the attendees expended great deal of effort in order to attend – we greatly appreciate this!  We especially appreciate the efforts and contributions from our registered students, many of whom will be presented their work.  We hope our students enjoyed the symposium, participated in the student professional development workshop and presentation competition, and took advantage of the unique networking opportunities that were available throughout the week.


The scientific program was diverse and fascinating!  It contained many new elements, including an opening session, International Priorities and Perspectives, featuring representatives from international aquatic animal health organizations.  We were fortunate to also have a fine assembly of plenary speakers, who contributed comprehensive updates on viral hemorrhagic septicemia virus, finfish culture and parasitic diseases in China, teleost immunology, infectious salmon anemia, and ecosystem health in the Gulf of Mexico following the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.  Special session topics and workshops included aquatic animal disease surveillance, the myxozoan workshop, global emergency responses, antimicrobial in aquaculture, and diagnostic challenges.  The concurrent oral sessions and dedicated poster session will featured more than 225 contributions from around the world.


Tampa was a fun and diverse city from which to stage the symposioum.  Our program of educational tours and excursions allowed attendees to learn more about Tampa, with its diverse museums, restaurants and communities, and discover some of the great features of Florida, including St. Petersburg, Sarasota, Ruskin and Clear Springs.


In planning this 6th International Symposium, we have drawn upon our experience in developing and hosting the 3rd International Symposium, held in Baltimore in 1998.  We also recognized that there has been much change in the past twelve years, as reflected in new science and bench techniques, altered perspectives regarding our changing environment, and changes in regional and global economies that have had at least some affect for all of us in academia, business and government.  Some of these changes are certainly reflected in the abstracts presented at this ISAAH-6.


The AFH-FHS, our colleagues, family and friends, have provided invaluable support for this symposium.  We are especially grateful to our wonderful team of volunteers and support associates, who have willingly and ably contributed thousands of hours of energy and creativity to make this ISAAH-6 a success.  It was our wish that each of our attendees had a wonderful week at ISAAH-6, sharing meaningful science, engaging in new and productive collaborations, and good memories!  Thank you so much for your attendance and contributions.  Your energy and input have allowed all of us to collectively benefit from this cooperative symposium. 



With our very best wishes,

Andrew. S. Kane and Sarah L. Poynton

Symposium Co-Organizers